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Eduvangelists Who?

We are a Bangalore based organization offering vital skills required for Emotional, Social and Mental well-being. 

We envision a society comprising of mentally strong, emotionally balanced and socially active citizens. 

Formed out of passion for making a difference to society, we offer various programs on-premise, that cover aspects of Social awareness, Life-skills, Personality development, Career skills, Survival Skills with a strong foundation of Motivation and Personal Excellence. 

Our mission is to make progressive difference in peoples’ lives by evangelizing skills for life through multiple channels of reach. We also undertake social impact and community welfare programs at various venues including corporate and resident communities.

Our work extends to Educational institutes (Schools & Colleges), Corporate, Educators, Support staff, SMEs, NGOs, Government organisations, Women and General public.  

Our observation:

21st century changes in education, lifestyle and careers have brought about a paradigm shift in expectations of individuals in their lives. Increasingly corporate are looking at capabilities, learn-ability and personality of their employees besides merit. On other side, one’s personal life in their adulthood is dependent on their childhood emotional strength to be able to manage relationships, handle adversities and lead a quality life.


Eduvangelists Why?

  • to be self-aware
  • to empathize
  • to think critically
  • to develop creativity
  • to solve problems
  • to make decisions
  • to effectively communicate
  • to build interpersonal relationships


What is future ready?

It is readiness of a student to be able to face and manage their profession and personal future with greater deal of control. 

The student has a good sense of self-awareness, a sound moral compass, and necessary skills & knowledge to take on future challenges

Another way to look at it is, if student’s education has positive answers to following questions we could perhaps say they are future ready:

  • Is he/she confident to face unseen future?
  • Is he/she adaptable to changes and uncertainties?
  • Is he/she emotionally strong to view challenges as opportunities rather than as threats?
  • Is he/she able to sniff opportunities from common problems?
  • Is he/she ready to compete with students across geographies?
  • How can he/she be happily successful?


Why future ready program?

The success of schools is in their ability to transform lives of students through education. Traditionally success of schools has been measured through grades of students alone. However increasingly parents have realised importance of holistic development of their wards rather than mere grades. There is a marked shift in mindset these days. People prefer Satisfied life over Successful life, Quality over Quantity, Prosperity over Wealth, Capability over Qualification, Accomplished over Awarded and EQ over IQ.

Future Ready programs are aligned to this mindset shift in society and targeted to develop aspects such as self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, relationship management & resourcefulness etc

Future Ready program has a significant influence on reputation of school. Often parents judge a school by overall personality of its current students. Students are brand ambassadors for their schools on an everyday basis. Just like a child's behaviour is considered reflection of parenting, a students overall personality, behaviour, attitude, finesse and civic sense are a reflection of quality of institutes they are educated from.

We at Eduvangelists want to address these aspects of holistic development that enable them to be Future Ready.

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